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Meet with other smart and caring women

We gather on evenings of the full moon via Zoom. Stepping away from usual routines and busy schedules, the aim is to support and inspire one another.

Each moon has a theme. Members will take turns sharing a brief observation, insight, or question about the theme without interruption. Stacy will then facilitate a discussion.

Current students and Alumni of The Lighthouse Method Course are invited to become members. Other members must be familiar with The Lighthouse Method and screened by Stacy.

<aside> 🌙 An easy way to become a member of LMS is to purchase a copy of the ebooklet and then send your receipt to [email protected].


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Some rules

All members agree to some simple rules:

Where it came from

Inspiration for the Lighthouse Moon Society came from the Light of the Moon Society started by Judy Langford in 1995 and continued under the leadership of Loretta Line until its last meeting in July 2015.

As described by Ms. Line, The Light of the Moon Society was "an informal women's gathering that meets in the age-old tradition of women who come together and take a little time for sharing wisdom among each other.”

Many of the "Moon Sisters," but not all, were affiliated with Lake Street Church of Evanston, which embraces the study of the world’s religions and spiritual movements in pursuit of each person’s spiritual journey.

Each month, Ms. Line sent an email invitation with a poem and questions that introduced the moon's theme or topic. Then, on evenings of the full moon, women sat in a circle. A candle was passed around as a "talking stick," as they each took turns briefly stating an observation or insight without interruption.

I began attending meetings when I was struggling to write my dissertation. Being in their presence, I experienced the power and possibility that emerges from a gathering of thoughtful women with diverse experiences.

I hope to replicate that in the Lighthouse Moon Society.